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Products List

V11 Tattoo Removal Laser

V9 Tattoo Removal laser

MD Laser 002

MD Laser 001


The light of the laser can penetrate deeply into the skin, and it can be absorbed by the color pigment in a very short time. Because the pigment absorbs much energy in such a short time, it explodes into small fragments, and then these fragments are metabolized by the lymphatic systems or are egested out of the body. Thus tattoo and other pigmentations will be removed without injury the normal tissue.

Function and Advantage:

1. To dispel the deposit of pigments on eyebrow, eyeline, lipline and other parts of    body.

2. To remove all kinds of tattoos: black, blue, brown and red tattoo

3. To eliminate the age pigment, spot, birthmark, pigment changes. 

4. No injury to hair follicles, normal skin with no scars and pain.    

5. Short treatment time and easy to operate.   

6. International standards of production on solid-state laser.

7. No general anesthesia when treating.     

8. No effect on daily life with rapid recovery.  

9. Top-Safety with Q-switch nd Yag laser to touch, emergency stop by foot, fingers.






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